250ml San-O-Eczema

250ml San-O-Eczema

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San-O-Eczema is specially formulated with a pH-balanced hypochlorous solution that is gentle and non-irritating to sensitive skin. It is perfect for daily use to help soothe and calm the symptoms of eczema and is a naturally occurring substance that has been shown to reduce inflammation, redness, and itching associated with eczema.

San-O-Eczema is a specially formulated from hypochlorous acid, a natural compound that is highly effective in reducing inflammation and killing harmful bacteria on the skin.

Directions for use: Remove any soiling from area of concern by wiping or rinsing with soap and water. Use a clean cotton ball or pad to apply San-O-Eczema to the affected area, or cover area by spraying. Before wiping dry, let the solution air dry completely or for at least five minutes. Repeat this step for better results. Apply again at least three times daily, or more frequently if you want the best results. Apply your prescribed cream or gel after application.

San-O-Eczema is free from alcohol, ammonia, bleaches, sulphates, copper, phenols, sulphur, iodophors aldehydes, pesticides, fragrances, and silicon.

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