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HOCL Applications  for Hand and General Sanitation

San-O-Tizer is a hand and general disinfectant that is produced from hypochlorous. It is primarily used for cleaning and disinfecting hands and surfaces, to prevent the spread of infections. Some applications include disinfection of: Hand & Surface , medical equipment , personal protective equipment (PPE), food preparation areas, animal areas and public areas. 


About San-O-Tizer

San-O-Tizers Hypochlorous Solution (HOCl) is 100% safe, non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-dehydrating. It has a key role to play in the future of health, hygiene and infection control. HOCl is naturally produced in human and animal immunity cells as your body's defense against infectious pathogens and diseases. It is not only a potent disinfectant and antimicrobial agent but also has incredible cell-repairing properties and induces anti-inflammatory responses in your body. HOCl is 100% biodegradable and non-corrosive, therefore its area of application does not require rinsing or wiping after applying (spraying, submerging, dipping, wiping) HOCl. San-O-Tizer is completely safe for animals, plants, children and even sensitive skin.


HOCl is 100% safe and extremely effective at killing any pathogens that may be present on your body (hair, skin, nails, etc). HOCl has many applications, but as a sanitizer it is non-sensitizing and non-dehydrating (like most sanitizers) and can be used continuously throughout your day, every day, with minimized risks of negative side effects occurring. San-O-Tizer is safe to spray into your nose, eyes and mouth at the correct ppm, without any risk of irritation occurring.

HOCl can be used on a variety of equipment, tools and surfaces (tables, chairs, floors). Spray, submerge or wipe down surfaces using HOCl to completely eradicate any pathogens and biofilms present. Since this product is 100% biodegradable, it is not required to rinse the solution off surfaces after using it. It can also be diluted and used in place of chemicals used to clean floors, windows and walls.

HOCl can be used on a variety of transport vehicles including cars, taxis, buses, trains, aero planes and boats. It is imperative to ensure that public transport vehicles are clean and safe for the public to use, to minimize the risk of transferring unwanted pathogens. You can regularly fog / spray the ensure vehicle with HOCl without having to air it out, rinse it down or wipe off residual chemicals. Passengers would be able to enter the vehicle immediately after applying San-O-Tizer to the area. San-O-Tizer could also be sprayed directly into the vehicles ventilation/air conditioning systems to clean them out and destroy any pathogens in them.

San-O-Tizer is food grade and completely safe for children and adults to come into direct contact. HOCl can be used to spray down groceries to avoid any pathogens being transported to your house from public areas. HOCl will completely degrade into a salt brine solution and will have no affect on the taste of the food, and will increase its shelf life. Rinse your fruit and vegetables with HOCl to destroy pathogens and biofilms. It will also assist in degrading residual pesticides, waxes and post-harvest chemicals that are left on the fruit/vegetable. Spray your meat, poultry and fish before and/or after packaging it or prior to cooking it.

Most beverage and food processes require safe and thorough CIP procedures, which can be timely and costly. San-O-Tizer will improve cleaning and sanitizing effectiveness within the CIP process, without the need for intensive rinsing or heating procedures.

San-O-Tizer is ideal for on-the-go cleaning and disinfecting of PPE through fogging, rinsing or spraying. HOCl will kill 99.999% microbes and spores present on gowns, nets and masks. It is especially beneficial as a preferred sanitizing agent for PPE such as masks and goggles, since it is non-toxic, biodegradable and completely safe for human.

HOCl is extremely effective at breaking down microorganisms, even in very low concentrations. Since it also completely degrades after diluting into drinking water and poses no risks for changing the chemical nature or pH of the water solution and is completely safe to drink. HOCl is a safer option for cleaning water systems such as pools, Jacuzzi's, pipes etc. whereby it will destroy algae build-up and poses no risk to human health.

HOCl can be used on a variety of public areas such as schools, universities, hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, salons and bars. HOCl can be used continuously throughout the day without any risk from exposure compared to conventional sanitizers which can be toxic and dehydration. HOCl can be used to clean surfaces, sterilize the air, disinfect objects (everything from stationary to beer mugs), sanities peoples hands, and can even be sprayed over food without any risks. It is completely safe for children and animals and eliminates the risk of them being exposed to dangerous alcohols and other toxic chemicals in conventional disinfectants.

It is often a difficult task to safely execute conventional cleaning and sanitation practices in certain workplace conditions. Due to the non-combustible and non-flammable properties of San-O-Tizer, it does not pose as a fire hazard risk, especially in areas where there may be open flames or risk involved with electrical components. When using HOCl, there is no need to evacuate the areas of application to allow for the chemicals to settle or get extracted out, as you would with conventional products. An entire facility can be fogged, while people are present in the area, without any risk of toxic exposure.

Gyms, studios, clubhouses all have constant flow of people which makes it challenging to continuously sanitize safely. Since San-O-Tizer is completely safe for exposure to people, enabling you to continuously sanitize the area without the risk of exposing people to harmful chemicals. San-O-Tizer can be used to sterilize hands, exercise mats, weights, machines, bathrooms, changerooms etc.

Spraying and/or atomizing HOCl through HVAC and ventilation systems will help to kill molds, spores, fungi and other pathogens living in the system as well as help eradicate biofilms. It can also be used to eliminate foul odors that may be in the air or ventilation systems. HOCl will sterilize the air in the building, without posing any threat or risk to human health, since it is non-toxic and safe to inhale.

International HOCl Approvals

  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted it the highest possible safety classification: Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) 
  •  Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS): Non-toxic and recognized as a food Additive 
  •  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) & Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Gentle with no harsh vapors, safe for babies and pets, and suitable for medical applications 
  •  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & World Health Organisation (WHO): Approved as a disinfectant and antiseptic agent




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