Why You Should be Fogging with SanOT500 Hypochlorous Solutions

Fogging, as the term suggests, uses disinfectant sprayed from a Fogging machine to create what looks like fog in the room. It is an effective way to disinfect high levels of horizontal surfaces, hard to reach areas that are often missed or forgotten and small, and confined spaces such as extractor units. Fogging saturates an entire room with fine sanitizing particles. Some of the most common fogging methods include:

  • Chemical fogging
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide
  • Ionization

Fogging provides a range of benefits, including:

✓ Fogging is seen as being safe and effective if carried out correctly

✓ Effective at reducing air-bourne contaminants

✓ Effective at disinfecting hard to reach areas

✓ Highly effective at disinfecting horizontal surfaces

On the other side, however, fogging with standard chemical-based sanitisers has it’s cons:

✘ Hazardous to breathe – most types of fogging render the air unbreathable during treatment

✘ Complicated requirements – many methods have atmospheric requirements such as specific temperature and humidity. Others involve unstable compounds that are difficult to store and transport

✘ Runoff – Traditional sprayers produce a large amount of liquid runoff, which can spread pollutants, contaminants and hazardous chemicals in the fogging solution

✘ Many disinfectants such as alcohols are flammable and hazardous which makes them dangerous to fog

Excessive use of harsh, chemical-filled sanitisers while fogging can be highly toxic to Health and normal immune function. Inhaling and possibly ingesting particles from the fumes from sanitisers can increase your risk of  serious illness and even certain cancers.

SanOT’s Hypochlorous Acid solutions are 100% natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and non-combustible. More than being compliant with government standards, we have qualified our products for their efficacy against dangerous pathogens under international EU and FDA standards. 

Our hypochlorous solutions are produced  to international standards with incredible  safety, metastability and are lab tested and proven to be  highly effective against microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, spores, yeast and viruses), including  SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). 

Our solutions can be used to disinfect more than just  hands and surfaces; they can also be used for misting or spraying entire open areas, transport vehicles,  containers, ventilation systems, and general air disinfection and fogging.

Due to its incredible safety and complete lack of any toxicity, our Hypochlorous acid solutions are safe to apply,  even in the presence of people, animals and plants. This  means that you can fog out entire indoor areas, exercise areas, factories, mines, transport vehicles, animal housing  units, greenhouses etc. even while people and/or animals  are still present in the area of application. Ventilation and  air-conditioning systems are also often breeding grounds for a number of dangerous pathogens and microorganisms  that pose various health risks for people. It  is essential to disinfect your ventilation systems and ensure that you and your employees are  

breathing clean, fresh air. 

San-O-Tizer Certifications and Accreditations

> NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications): NRCS/8054/296654/610 For industrial, domestic, and institutional applications for bactericidal,  sporicidal, yeasticidal, fungicidal, and virucidal activity. 

> Official SASAC (South African Sanitation Association  Council) vendor and business compliance: 2001841 

> SABS (South African Bureau of Standards):  SANS1853:2020 

> SanOT (Pty) Ltd Electrolytic Cell Units are certified  ISO 9001:2015 standards according to Article 95 of  BPR (Biocidal Product Regulation) by the European  Chemicals Agency (ECHA) 

> Halal approved by the Muslim Judicial Council Halal  Trust (MJCHT) 

> CE certified to conform with European Union manufacturing standards 

> NSF/ANSI 61 Certified for drinking water system components 

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