NEWS ALERT: SanOT500 Hypochlorous Solution is South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) Approved!

SanOT Sanitisation & Oxidation Technology is a company made up of a team of scientists, engineers and multi-faceted business professionals who are dedicated to manufacturing and supplying the safest possible alternative to current conventional health and sanitation products on the market! 

In order to do that, SanOT has applied for compliance with all major safety councils, bureaus and groups to provide the safest and most effective product to the South African market.

We’ve just added the South African Bureau of Standards  (SABS) to our extensive list of compliance approvals! 

The SABS was founded 75 years ago. It is a statutory body that was established in terms of the Standards Act, 1945 (Act No. 24 of 1945) and continues to operate in terms of the latest edition of the Standards Act, 2008 (Act No. 8 of 2008) as the national standardisation institution in South Africa, mandated to:

  • Develop, promote and maintain South African National Standards (SANS)
  • Promote quality in connection with commodities, products and services
  • Render conformity assessment services and assist in matters connected therewith

Standards are everywhere and keep on playing an important role in the economy, by:

  • Enabling business interaction
  • Aiding companies to comply with relevant laws and regulations
  • Accelerate the introduction of innovative products to market
  • Enhancing compatibility between new and existing products, services and processes.
  • Standards form the basis for introduction of new technologies and innovations, as well as ensuring that products, components and services supplied by different companies will be mutually compatible.

Standardisation bridges the gap between research and the end market. Standards assist the transfer of research results to the local and international market. Every moment an innovation is developed into a product or system there is a need for a new standard or adjustment of existing standard to assure the quality is consistent. Certification of the product or system is there to ensure just that...quality assurance!

SanOT 500 Hypochlorous Acid Solution can now add another third-party guarantee of its quality, safety, and reliability, assuring that you, the consumers, have a product that conforms to industry specifications.

Some of our products’ numerous compliance certificates and approvals include:

To find out about our numerous compliance certificates and approvals, visit our website now or contact us here.



Hypochlorous Acid Solution Disinfect Sanitise Medical Grade Food Grade Halaal Compliant Covid-19 Antiviral Antibacterial South Africa



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