Nebulizing with SANOT500 Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl)

Nebulizing SANOT500 products as a safe and effective way to combat infections, support your immune system, reduce inflammation and help repair cell damage in your air passages and lungs.

Nebulizing HOCL hypochlorous acid SANOT500

Nebulizing is an inexpensive and effective home treatment which targets your entire respiratory system as well as allows actives to easily enter into your blood system. The solution being nebulized (Hypochlorous acid) enters the nasal passages and passes into your sinuses and throat, then into your bronchial tract and lungs, leftovers pass into your blood stream.

Nebulizing is commonly used for colds/flu, allergies, bronchitis, sinusitis, sore/strep throat, pneumonia, as well as for bacterial/fungal/viral respiratory infections. Benefits of nebulizing in general:
  • Thins secretions and mucus
  • Eases coughing and throat discomfort
  • Clears and moisturizes your windpipe, trachea and stoma
  • Moistens the air that enters your lungs
  • Hydrates and moisturizes your nasal passages, mouth and throat

Nebulizing SANOT500 hypochlorous acid (HOCl)

Hypochlorous acid
 is a naturally occurring antimicrobial agent that is naturally produced in human white blood cells (immune cells), making it ideal for destroying deadly pathogens in your air passages. It achieves this by oxidizing and deproteinizing their cell membranes as well as disrupting microbial nucleic acids and their metabolic functions.

This powerful molecule is 100% natural and safe with no toxic properties or side effects, but it also has 2 incredible additional benefits:

  • It stimulates cellular repair and wound healing = Increases the production of cytokines (healing messenger proteins) and growth factors (stimulate cellular division) as well as chemically transforms Taurine to Taurine Chloramine which is a powerful wound healing factor.

  • It is anti-inflammatory = Inhibits pro-inflammatory messenger proteins such as NF-κB kinase as well as neutralises harmful microbial toxins before they can trigger inflammation

Say no to covid-19 coronavirus with hypochlorous acid HOCl sanot500

Directions for Nebulizing:

It is beneficial to nebulize with hypochlorous acid as frequently as possible for between 5 to 15 minutes at a time, to get the full benefits. Both our San-O-Doc (350ppm) and San-O-Tizer (250ppm) products are ideal for nebulizing when diluted accordingly. The ideal range for nebulizing Hypochlorous acid is between 50ppm to 150ppm, whereby you would dilute the relative products using distilled or deionized water:

  • Dilute San-O-Doc = 140ml to 430ml per liter or
  • Dilute San-O-Tizer = 200ml to 600ml per liter

NOTE: Do not use our HOCl solutions for nebulizing whilst using any cortisone or steroid nebulizer. These compounds will cancel each other out resulting in no therapeutic benefits from either active, if used simultaneously

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